J.R. White


I consider myself a storyteller. Whether sitting around the campfire, leaning exhausted against the ropes after a training session or hammering the keyboard over a blank page, I love to enthrall and entertain with my words. The empty page lies there like an unstruck match, waiting to be ignited.

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I like to do things a bit differently around here, mixing genres, bending rules and exploring themes in the pursuit of one grand goal – your entertainment.

That’s the point, you see. That’s why I write, and why reading remains my first love.

Growing up, reading was an instant doorway to adventure and a conduit to fresh ideas and strange minds. It was reading that turned rainy afternoons into wild wanderings and dark nights into shadowy misadventures.

Later, the embers fanned by my reading grew into real adventures in the physical world. Voyages at sea across the Atlantic, through the Straits of Gibraltar and North of the Arctic Circle. Hikes atop the jagged cliffs of Scandinavia and among the gnarled saguaros of Arizona.

Fighting in a chain-link cage before a roaring crowd.

The raw power of the written word started all of that.

I want you to rediscover the joy of reading for reading’s sake. Reading as adventure and exploration, as a journey into created worlds and reimagined history, uncorrupted by the stiff interpretations of stodgy English teachers and other guardians of literary pretention.

Sure, we may stumble into the odd rumination on the nature of life and this shared human experience – no one’s perfect, after all, not me and certainly not my characters – but we’re still striving to fulfill one mission.

To entertain.

Sometimes to frighten or sadden, to exhilarate or amuse, to enthrall.

But above all else,

I want you to have fun.

J.R. White

Storyteller at large

A tortured gunfighter.

A Navajo outcast.

And the Creature whose claws would stain the stones of the Mojave red.




“An endlessly fun and immersive adventure novel that perfectly mixes horror and western all the while telling an entertaining yarn… White’s writing is punchy and never resorts to purple prose… SHADOW OF WOLVES is pure, distilled, and unfiltered American pulp… unhinged in the best way.” – IndieReader

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Shadow of Wolves

Hail Of Brimstone Book
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Hail of Brimstone

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For all comments and inquiries feel free to reach me by email or on Facebook, and you can find me on YouTube as Storyteller at Large. I love to hear from my readers! I reply to fan mail from my gmail account, so if you reach out through the contact form don’t forget to check you folders.