About the Author

Storyteller at large.

"An acrobat of the English language, never obvious nor predictable. His characters come to life after the first description. His story becomes your story." - Riccardo Bevilacqua

J.R. WHITE has been a sailor, scientist, and professional cage-fighter. As a merchant sailor he crossed the Arctic Circle, passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, witnessed sea monsters, and participated in a helicopter rescue atop the tallest cliff in Scandinavia. He has worked as a research scientist studying gene therapy for two major universities and spent four years as a professional mixed martial artist. As a civilian contractor he spent three years at Fort Leavenworth, KS, were he taught hand-to-hand combat to personnel from every branch of the military and over ten allied nations.


A father, adventurer, and military spouse, White and his family have lived in eight states from coast to coast in their nomadic journey as an Army family.


Shadow of Wolves is his debut novel.

“White provides an informative description that transports the reader into a place they never could have imagined, making them a part of the story. Ushering them through a world they never knew, and may never want to leave. White is clearly an author with a storied and long career ahead of him.” – Evan Muxen, Historian

“‘Easy’ is a curse – and only the most unfortunate among us are crippled with it.

When you wake up cold, or go hungry, or endure any struggle, you should be grateful – because at least you got something to rise under, a chance to show yourself, rather than to lie in slow death under the soft bludgeon of ‘easy’…

Hardship is the natural state of man, and he is truest when he strives. Anyone can lie to themselves about who they are but suffering never does – how we suffer is always the truth.”

– Kit Barker, Shadow of Wolves

"Whether we wander in the wilderness or among the letters of the written page, exploration and adventure are an unending part of who we are."

J.R. White