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Shadow of Wolves and Hail of Brimstone are available in Audio Book format from Amazon, iTunes, and Audible, narrated by veteran voice-actor Micah Mason. Check out the Samples and Audio Book Trailers below for a taste of his performance.

Shadow of Wolves ACX Cover
"There is never a dull moment in this western meets werewolf tale!.. a western-horror with such world building and character development that you feel you are there. Micah Mason narrates this story wonderfully. He gives the characters their own voice. He does a great job of helping to build up the scenes with increasing his tone and speed to match.... a great listening experience."
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Micah Mason

About the Narrator

Micah Mason is a Hollywood professional working behind the scenes to produce big-budget studio features and television, as well as many stints behind the mic and in front of the camera. He brings all those skills to bear in crafting top-quality audiobooks with a focus on characters and storytelling.