Big News Mega-Dump!

Lots of big announcements, folks, so strap in…


First off – Hail of Brimstone is officially a #1 New Release!

The new Kit Barker novel hit the top of the charts in Western Horror Fiction on Friday the 1st and I’m absolutely thrilled. Shadow of Wolves was also a #1 New Release when it came out last year, and it feels fantastic to go two-for-two. Things like that don’t happen without my readers, and I’m blessed to have you all!

My next big announcement is that Micah Mason will return as narrator for the Hail of Brimstone audiobook!

I officially contracted with Micah last week and he’s excited about the project. We are shooting to have recording done by New Years. I know that seems like a long wait, but Micah is in extremely high demand (And he damn well deserves to be, in my opinion!) so Hail of Brimstone is joining a very full dance card. The end result will be worth the wait, folks! Micah did a phenomenal job on Shadow of Wolves, which currently has a 4.9-Star rating on Audible!

A Hardcover Edition of SHADOW OF WOLVES is on the way!

Amazon has just started beta-testing a new hardcover option, and I literally have a proof-copy shipping to me as I type this. If the quality on the hardcover is up to snuff, they will be available on Amazon, as well as Signed Copies in my store. Check out the upgraded cover image below!

Speaking of signed copies – Autographed Paperbacks of Hail of Brimstone are coming soon!

I have a small batch of copies coming for signing in the next few days, but you can backorder your copy at the store now. Assuming Amazon doesn’t screw the pooch, you will have them by Halloween.

(And, yes, if the hardcover of Shadow of Wolves is legit, a Hardcover Edition of Hail of Brimstone will be right behind it!)

And last, but not least, as of 11:45am on October 2, 2021 I have officially written the opening sentence of the NEXT Kit Barker novel.

I’m looking forward to all that October has to offer. I’m planning a couple posts about my favorite horror films and books for the spooky season, and I’m working on a new short-story that may or may not hit the stands by Halloween.

Until Next Time!


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