Updates! August 23, 2021

Some quick updates
1) We’re racing toward publication on “Hail of Brimstone.” (Hence the prolonged radio silence.) About half the Advance Readers have finished their copies and provided feedback. Final manuscript polish is more-or-less finished. Once I publish early next month, I’ll be putting the spurs to the audiobook.

2) A “Shadow of Wolves” Spanish translation is getting some traction again, and I hope to get that to market in the next year. I also plan to make the “Shadow of Wolves” eBook FREE for a few days when the new book goes live!

3) Background on the untitled “Kit Barker 3” is underway… and also, it’s not at all untitled, I’m just not telling you what the title is.

4) Don’t forget to come see me at the Creatures, Crimes & Creativity Conference Sept 10-12 in Baltimore!

Until Next Time!


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