Updates for the New Year!

Paramount, 2016

Howdy Folks!


What with holiday travel, unexpected issues with both my computer and vehicle, and the ongoing soup-sandwich that is life in a pandemic, it’s been a while since I’ve posted updates. 

So let’s get started.

Right off the bat, I’m recovering from Covid as I write this. Most likely the necro-nom-nom-icrom variant or whatever the hell we’re on these days. The crud swept through our whole household, in fact. We’re all doing well now, but it was not without challenges. (Let’s just say that the kiddos’ recovery came a lot faster than Mom and Dad’s did. Those with small children will understand…)

Moving on! 


Book Progress

The third book in the Kit Barker series is under construction. The main plot points are mapped and I’ve got a great title (which I’ll keep to myself for the time being). You can expect to see Barker in a new part of the wild west against a new and more terrifying threat as I bring more threads of the series together. 


Short Story

In the interim between Hail of Brimstone and [No seriously, you’ll get the title later] I cranked out a 14,000 word short story called The Bounty & The Bones. Set in the same universe and time period as the Kit Barker series, The Bounty & The Bones is a weird west horror yarn involving buried treasure, treacherous outlaws, a monstrosity of unknown origin, and a gnarled old bounty hunter by the name of Harlon Slade. At this point, I haven’t decided if I’m going to release it through Amazon, look for a buyer in the traditional publishing world, or just sit on it for a future anthology. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and I think there could be a screenplay in this one.


Audiobook Updates

The Shadow of Wolves audiobook has finally paid for itself! As of the end of December, Shadow of Wolves in audio format has generated enough royalty income to cover the initial production costs. It took longer than expected (in part because of how Audible scales it’s pricing and royalty scheme without informing content creators… which is a rant for another time) but it’s still a damn good feeling. I expect things to go more smoothly with the next one.

Speaking of which – The Hail of Brimstone audiobook is rapidly nearing completion. As of this morning, everything through Chapter 45 is recorded, and narrator Micah Mason is delivering another outstanding performance. I can honestly say that he makes some of the passages sound way cooler than I wrote them. Once recording is finished and approved, it’ll be up to Audible to run it through their quality assurance hoops and get it to market. 


Hardcover Updates

Hardcovers for BOTH of the Kit Barker novels are now available on Amazon, and signed copies will be up on my shop soon. Amazon’s hardcovers are still in Beta-testing, though, so expect a delay between ordering from them and getting them in the mail.


Spoon Carving

I know some folks have missed the Creative Outlets series of posts in which I post about the little side projects I do when not actively writing. (Things like carving a wooden kuksa, restoring an old house axe, foraging for morel mushrooms, refurbishing an old canoe paddle or building a live-edge bar sink). Well, my folks on the mountain got me a spoon-carving set for Christmas this year, so you can expect to see another post in that series soon.


Until Next Time!


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